Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whistler Baby

We had a great last day at the bc bike race. Lots of climbing and
defending like good old CO. We ended up second on the stage and
finsihed 4th overall


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Day 5

Tough one for BK Smalls on the climbs. Rippin decent. Got a little to
rad huckin some gaps. Raining here in tent city. Squamish stage
tomorrow. Should be hard in the mud.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rough Stage 4

Mitch and I were having a great ride today here in Stage 4. Lots of fire road climbing that reminded me of CO. We were riding with the Devinci guys for the majority of the stage. Had the Rocky Mountain guys dropped, then we took a really poorly timed wrong turn. It took us down a steep logging road for a few minutes that was a 15+ minute round trip. On the plus side, we got to see a baby black bear out of the deal. We have dropped to 4th overall, around 8 minutes back. Still 3 stages to go, you never know what can happen. Tomorrow we have a short stage, gonna be a fast one. Time to rest up now.


Day 4

We were riding well today with ou Devinci friends until we took a
wrong turn and ended up with a almost twenty minute detour don a fire
road. Finished fourth and went down to fourth in the GC. Bumbed


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stage 3 pics

Day 3

I am begining to see a pattern to our racing at the BC Bike Race. Lots
of 3's involved. If you used to watch MTV and TRL (total request live)
circa Backstreet Boys and N'sync like I did with my older sister, then
you might remember a band called Korn. Well this band had a similar
fate on TRL, they always were third, Carson Daily coin the third place
spot the Korn spot. Wicks and Sneddon are kinda like our boy band. The
Rocky and Devinci boys are the Destinies Child and Green Day. But we
are hangin in there.

Again today was filled with fun trails and lots of roots. Super awesome

We slipped back into third in the GC. Couple minutes back from Devinci
and a minute up on Rocky. Tomorrow should be a decisive day

Pics in a bit


Monday, July 4, 2011

Intermediate Timed DH Results, booyah!

So I got that going for me


Day 2

Another amazing day in the saddle. Short climbs, challenging North Shore single track. Ended up 3rd again on the stage but swapped places in the GC down to fourth got some time back to second, so now 2nd, 3rd and us are with in 30 seconds. Should make tomorrow interesting but somebody will blow big on day 4.

In more important news I found a 2 in 1 Wendy's and Tim Hortins. Tim Hortins you ask, sorta like Canada's Dunkin Donuts. Awesome. There is also a establishment know as Canadian Super Store. We need more of this in the States. Know one seems to want a American Super Store though. Maybe the 4th will spark some new patriotism.


Sunday, July 3, 2011






Survived. Finished 3rd in Mens Duo. Sick riding, and not just a little sick. It was like we entered a forest inhabited by bike race loving ferries that secretly created a magical land for me. Photos soon, would write more but my self affirming writing is not more important then the people waiting to check their emails.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ferry Ride to Cumberland for Stage 1

iPhones and Grocery Store

Blogging with the iPhone is hard work. Lucky for me I have BK to teach me how to use it properly.

Awesome shopping experience here.

Sporting in Vancouver is fun.

We were told to watch out for cougars in Whistler.

Stay tuned

Tent city