Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 3

I am begining to see a pattern to our racing at the BC Bike Race. Lots
of 3's involved. If you used to watch MTV and TRL (total request live)
circa Backstreet Boys and N'sync like I did with my older sister, then
you might remember a band called Korn. Well this band had a similar
fate on TRL, they always were third, Carson Daily coin the third place
spot the Korn spot. Wicks and Sneddon are kinda like our boy band. The
Rocky and Devinci boys are the Destinies Child and Green Day. But we
are hangin in there.

Again today was filled with fun trails and lots of roots. Super awesome

We slipped back into third in the GC. Couple minutes back from Devinci
and a minute up on Rocky. Tomorrow should be a decisive day

Pics in a bit


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  1. Good 3 on ya' 2. See, it's not all 3s after all...